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Grant's Auto Care

1-11 Malcolm Road, Guelph, ON
(519) 824-2226

  One of the Guelph Garage Owner’s Association’s founding members, Grant Yemen first started in the automotive industry in 1987. Alongside his wife, Donna Yemen, he opened Grant’s Auto Care in May 1999. Since then, they’ve been committed to helping their customers stay safe on the road.

“We’ve been here over 15 years,” explains Grant. “With us, you’re not dealing with a service-writer; you’re directly talking to the actual mechanic who will service your car.”


  Alongside participating in the yearly CIBC Run-for- the-Cure, Grant’s Auto Care is a proud supporter of the high school Co-op program, the apprenticeship program, is a member of AARO, and participates in the Car Care Aware program.


  Grant and his team pride themselves on their in- depth knowledge, and their hands-on approach to maintenance. Keeping up-to-date on the latest models and service necessities is part of Grant’s everyday routine.

“We have all of the latest equipment,” says Grant. “I’m also subscribed to a series of different service manuals. In this industry, you have to stay up-to-date.”


  There’s no better time than now to get your car serviced. Offering exceptional care and service, and staffed with a team of talented professionals, Grant’s Auto Care is the place to visit for your auto needs.


  Winter months are especially tough on vehicles, which is why Grant suggests keeping up with regularly scheduled maintenance. While many drivers think all-season tires are enough to keep a car on the road, when it comes to winter-safety, there’s nothing safer than a set of winter tires. “Tires are one of the most important items on a vehicle,” explains Grant. “Keeping this in mind, you should try to get the best tire you can afford. You can have the best braking system but if you can’t grab the road then it’s all for nothing.”


  There isn’t any vehicle that leaves a factory with snow tires says Grant. Some vehicle’s come with high- performance tires which are wider with larger rims. “In many cases we can put a less expensive snow tire and rim package together for better traction to save your aluminum wheels from the salt,” Grant explains.


  A vehicle is usually the second biggest investment anyone can make; it only makes sense to take exceptional care of it. Grant and his team understand how important your vehicle is to

you, which is why they make it their personal mission to offer their customers the best service. “We show our customers why we’re doing what we’re doing,” concludes Grant. “I never want anyone to leave my shop wondering if they needed anything they received.”


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