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JMH Auto Sales & Service

15 Malcolm Rd, Guelph, ON

(519) 836-2479

  Located in the Guelph Auto Mall at 15 Malcolm Rd., JMH Auto Sales & Service Inc. has been providing automotive repair and diagnostic services to their clients for the past

18 years. Owner Joe Hasson and his staff are proud of their reputation as a trusted independent repair facility; their ever growing client base is a testament to their dedication.

“We pride ourselves on customer service and our dedication,” explains Hasson.


  Vehicle technology is changing rapidly. Regardless of whether an engine is powered by gasoline, electricity, diesel, or alcohol, the need for motorists to purchase some form of maintenance from shops they trust isn’t going to change.


  Lots of new cars and light trucks sport “flex fuel” logos these days, meaning that they burn ethanol blends of up to 85% “alcohol.” The trouble occurs, however, when you factor in all the energy used to produce the ethanol. From an environmental standpoint, you’re no better off than if you use traditional gasoline.


  There are two myths that owner Joe Hasson believes car owners should be made aware of. The first myth is that hybrids save car-owners money. At current fuel prices, however, most motorists will never save enough money in gas to recoup the price premium they’ll pay for a hybrid vehicle.


  The second myth has existed with new vehicle buyers for as long as mechanics can remember. “One of the things we find as an independent garage is that customers think that when they purchase a new vehicle they have to return to the dealer for their maintenance & repair needs,” explains Hasson. “When in fact any licensed repair facility can perform the necessary maintenance & repairs while ensuring the manufactures warranty stays intact. We constantly do training on each individual make. Any qualified independent repair facility may perform service work on a vehicle.”


  An important consideration when choosing an automotive repair facility is reputation. Local garages are usually known in the community and it often pays to ask co-workers, local business owners, and friends where they take their own cars for service & repairs.


  As a founding member of the GGOA, JMH Auto Sales & Service Inc. is an accredited Drive Clean Test & Repair facility and is licensed by the Ministry of Transportation for all Safety Certifications & Stickers. With 5 licensed technicians to serve you, they offer a range of full services with one stop shopping in mind. 



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