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  There’s more to cars than just a single component. Cars are complicated machines with different parts and different needs that

require specialized mechanics to get the job done right.


  Mister Transmission Guelph has the exact people to make sure that your car is in perfect shape – and they’re not just about transmissions either. Whether it’s a drive train, differential, transfer case, or – of course – a transmission problem, the dedicated and talented staff at Mister Transmission has the solution.

  Second-generation owner Cory Catteau has been around the business for his entire life, and in the office for nine years, while

Mister Transmission has been in Guelph since the early ‘60s. They emphasize that they’re transmission and technology experts, which is why Cory and his staff spend so much time staying up-to-date.

“Our staff goes for specialized training twice a year,” explains Cory. “Keeping up with industry standards is an incredibly important part of the job.”


  Mister Transmission technicians are all certified specialists who service a variety of parts and issues. To figure out what’s wrong and what needs to be fixed, the staff offers free road-tests and multi-checks. Cory or one of his mechanics will personally take your vehicle for a drive to find out what major, minor, and transmission issues precisely need to be fixed.“Maintenance is a key factor,” explains Cory.

“Manufacturers suggest lifetime fluids, but a consumer lifetime
is different from a manufacturer lifetime...maintaining a vehicle promotes a healthy vehicle.” Cory emphasizes that at Mister Transmission, the make or model of a car doesn’t matter. All cars are treated equally, and all issues are addressed with the greatest care and attention.“I get an abundant number of phone calls daily, asking me ‘Can you fix this or that?’”concludes Cory. “If you’ve got four tires and a horn, we fix doesn’t matter what badge is on the hood.”


 Mister Transmission Guelph has been family-owned and operated by Ken and Cory Catteau since 1988. They understand transmissions, power trains, differentials, and transfer cases better than anyone. This is their business, and that’s why they are the transmission and technology experts. Drop-in to their six-bay shop on Woodlawn Road West, or call for an appointment at
(519) 821-0700 

(519) 821-0700
775 Woodlawn Rd W, Guelph

Mister Transmission

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